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    [日期:2014-09-13] 来源:  作者: [字体: ]

    ba彩平台 www.ostovarit.com 今天我们给大家提供一份职位为船务专员的英文ba彩平台,仅供大家在写作船务专员职位的英文简历时参考。查看更多请你访问http://www.ostovarit.com/c21.aspx这里,如果需要找空白的简历模板下载使用,请你访问http://www.ostovarit.com/c16.aspx











    Name: Miss. Huang wanting Nationality: China (Mainland)
    Current Place: Liwan Height/Weight: 165 cm  kg
    Marital Status: married Age: 29 years
    Career Objective
    Application type: Jobseeker
    Preferred job title: Trade: trading 、 Admin Specialist/Assistant: 、 Shipping Service / Air Parcel & Land-carriage Operation:
    Working life: 5 Title: Middle title
    Job type: Full time Expected Start date: In a day
    Expected salary: ¥3,500~¥4,499 Preferred working place: Liwan Haizhu Yuexiu
    Work experience
    Company"s name: ****CO., Limited    Begin and end date: 2010-08-2012-08
    Enterprise nature: Private enterprisesIndustry: Paper Making/Printing
    Job Title: shipping clerk 
    Job description: Made booking for the containers with the shipping companys ,following all the shipping line ,deal with the papers of shipping (S/O, B/L ) http://www.ostovarit.com/
    Reasons for leaving: For development ,the company move  
    Company"s name: ****CO., Limited    Begin and end date: 2007-10-2010-06
    Enterprise nature: Private enterprisesIndustry: Trading/Imports & Exports
    Job Title: merchandiser 
    Job description: go with the customers to the markets, purchase products which they need, follow the orders, arrange the shipping after finished the oders, and the paper about shipment(P/L,P/I,C/O,B/L...) 
    Reasons for leaving: change the work environment 
    Company"s name: ****CO., Limited    Begin and end date: 2006-11-2006-12
    Enterprise nature: Social groupIndustry: Trade/Consumption/Manufacturing/Operation
    Job Title: clerk-part-time 
    Job description: To input the data into the computer,collation the working files 
    Reasons for leaving: only for parttime job 
    Educational Background
    Name of School: GuangDong University of Foreign Studies(open college)    
    Highest Degree: High School Date of Graduation: 2007-07-01
    Name of Major 1: International trade Name of Major 2:  
    Education experience:
    Start date End date Education organization Majors Certificate Certificate No
    2000-09 2003-07 Dashi Senior High School chemistry
    2003-09 2007-07 Guangdong University of Foreign Studies open college international trade
    Language Ability
    Foreign Language: English Level: excellent
    Language ability: a little oral arabic
    Chinese level: perfect Cantonese Level: perfect
    Relevant skills and abilities
      i have a strong slef-study skills, i can accept the new ideas quickly . hard working ,good understanding ....


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