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    [日期:2014-09-13] 来源:  作者: [字体: ]

    ba彩平台 www.ostovarit.com 今天我们给大家提供一份工作职位为跟单客服的英文ba彩平台,仅供大家在写作跟单客服职位的英文简历时参考。查看更多请你访问http://www.ostovarit.com/c21.aspx这里,如果需要找空白的简历模板下载使用,请你访问http://www.ostovarit.com/c16.aspx











    Name: Miss. Isabella,Luo Nationality: China (Mainland)
    Current Place: Nansha Height/Weight: 169 cm 51 kg
    Marital Status: Single Age: 26 years
    Career Objective
    Application type: Jobseeker
    Preferred job title: Merchandiser/ Merchandiser Assistant: English Translator 、 English Translator: 、 Customer Service Specialist/Assistant/Website Customer Service/Complaint specialist:
    Working life: 4 Title:
    Job type: Full time Expected Start date: In two weeks
    Expected salary: ¥4500~¥6499 Preferred working place: Yuexiu Haizhu Tianhe
    Work experience
    Company"s name: ****CO., Limited    Begin and end date: 2012-12-2014-08
    Enterprise nature: Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Paper Making/Printing
    Job Title: Customer Service 
    Job description: To respond to customer enquiries and requests (via telephone, fax and email communications) in a timely manner;- To follow up with related function depts. to ensure orders are received and processed as required by customers;- To follow up and clear backlog orders/shipments to improve delivery performance;- To clarify problems with customers in relation to slow payment/disputes to improve DSO (day sales outstanding);- To handle customer complaints according to company procedures and service standard;- To participate company-organized training on ISO9001, FSC and EHS, and follow related procedures & WI;- To assist and back up other team members;- To provide on-the-job training to new staff;- To support migration/Kaizen;- To follow up the tasks assigned by Immediate Supervisor.http://www.ostovarit.com/
    Reasons for leaving:  
    Company"s name: ****CO., Limited    Begin and end date: 2010-07-2012-11
    Enterprise nature: Private enterprisesIndustry: Auto & Auto Components
    Job Title: merchandiser 
    Job description:  Start from July 2010 until November 2012,I worked as a Foreign Merchandiser in an private company .The company was devoted in car outside decoration making&saling.  My major work is as following: ①.Deal with the daily emails related to foreign trade (answer inquiry, recommend new products to customers, and reflect customer’s need to the factory). ②. Follow customer’s orders, check with the production process. Confirm the delivery day and the payment with customers. ③.Classify customer’s information and make monthly report. Expand new customers and take part in Canton Fair. 
    Reasons for leaving: company move addres 
    Educational Background
    Name of School: Nan chang University
    Highest Degree: Bachelor Date of Graduation: 2010-07-01
    Name of Major 1: Business English Name of Major 2:  
    Education experience:
    Start date End date Education organization Majors Certificate Certificate No
    2006-09 2010-07 Nan chang University English TEM6
    Language Ability
    Foreign Language: English Level: excellent
    Chinese level: excellent Cantonese Level: good
    Relevant skills and abilities
      1.can work under pressure;
    2.Strong teamwork spirit;
    3.Speak & write effectively;- Focus on customers;- Work efficiently and effectively; 
    4.Strong teamwork spirit & Communication skill;
    5.Analyze problems/issues;- Work with high efficiency and accuracy; 6.Good sense of urgency.

    ①Pay attention to communicate with others, have the spirit of unity and cooperate;
     ②Hard-working, have strong responsibility and  have the ability to finish work alone;
     ③Take an active part in intern;
     ④Give priority to Business English,be kind to others,work hard
    Self-recommendation letter
         From June2009 to August2009,I have an internship experience at a foreign company  which was named Swift. The company located in Liwan District,Guangzhou city. The company devoted to the Cloth export. My major work was to take the foreign customers to the cloth market and placed order. I have learned many things from this internship experience. Firstly, I have learned how to respect and communicate with people. Secondly, I knew the importance of teamwork. Last but not the least, I have learned how to deal with customer’s complain and how to do my best to satisfied customer。
          July 2010 to November 2010,I used to worked as a merchandiser  in an automobile shop of Yiyun automobile fittings market in Guangzhou. My major work was introduce products to customers and place order.This working experience improved my ability to describe products in English . Meanwhile,it make me acquaint with the process of place order. 
         ① Pay attention to communicate with others, have the spirit of unity and cooperate; ② Hard-working, have strong responsibility and  have the ability to finish work alone.


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