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     Dear Sir,

      In June of this year I shall receive my Masters of Science degree from New York University and I am naturally very much interested in securing a position. I believe I can qualify as a communications engineer.

      For as long as I can remember your company has been a standard in the field of business machines and I have followed its developments with keen appreciation. I should like very much to have the privilege of working under the supervision of one of your men not only because I sincerely believe that I can serve you well, but also because it would give me a fine opportunity to grow as a physicist.

      The course in physics I have taken as a graduate have a particular hearing on the development work of your firm. As a physics major I selected my courses with particular emphasis on those dealing with integrated circuits, and have had considerable laboratory work in these fields.

      If you do not have any vacancies at present for which I might be considered, will you please file my application for future reference? I shall be pleased to supply any additional information you may wish and come to your office for a personal interview at any time that is convenient.

      Sincerely yours,









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